Nina Rohlfs, © Karim Khawatmi

Nina Rohlfs

has been responsible for editorial tasks at Karsten Witt Musik Management since spring 2006, initially for many years as a freelancer and now as a permanent member of the team. A large part of the news, artist biographies, and magazine content springs from her pen.

As a child and teenager in rural Lower Saxony, she tried her hand at various instruments in all sorts of ensembles, in addition to inspiring piano lessons. Having enrolled in a master's degree in Cultural Studies / Musicology at the University of Lüneburg, she then studied Jazz Performance at McGill University in Montreal as a singer, where she worked intensively on composition and improvisation. Parallel to and following her training, she was also involved in various musical projects, from duo to big band.

Her work in the field of culture included internships at the Banff Center for the Arts and at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, as well as editing for the Czech art magazine Umelec. Later, she organized, together with friends in Berlin, the Garagenoper Festival. In addition to her many years of work as a singing teacher and as director of several choirs, she has continued to train in the fields of voice and movement in workshops and master classes with dancers from various traditions.