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Played with blazing tone by Jeroen Berwaerts, the Trumpet Sonata emerges with particular brilliance. BBC Music Magazine, March 2015, John Allison

The real stars, though, are athletic trombonist Gérard Costes, and trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts, who combines lyrical warmth with an intensity that is often breathtaking. The Guardian, 22/1/2015, Tim Ashley

After the evening in the Laeiszhalle, the audience was above all spellbound by such beautiful music that was never dull but full of spirit and warmth. The soloist Jeroen Berwaerts made two trumpets and a flugelhorn sing in Gruber’s “Busking” with great virtuosity (…) And then, at the end of the concert, Berwaerts started singing. The synthesis of Rameau dance movements and Brel chansons was inspired. There was nothing unoriginal about the way he lit up the concert hall with Brel’s laconic amazement. Die Welt, 5/6/2014

From the first to the last note, initially playing the mouthpiece followed by different trumpets and flugelhorns, the Belgian trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts was captivating. (…) He negotiated the musical cliffs with an ease and radiance that belied the feat that the soloist achieved through his playing., 5/8/2014, Silvia Thurner

This is how the world might have been created: a muffled, resonating gong tone, from which the muted, infinitely fine sound of the trumpet materialises out of nothing. This is exactly how the eagerly awaited concerto by the Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa begins. He wrote the piece especially for Jeroen Berwaerts. (...) Hosokawa’s walk through the mist, which Berwaerts leads so enchantingly, audibly takes place at the frontier between East and West. Hamburger Abendblatt, 10/3/2014

In Haydn’s trumpet concerto in e-flat minor, Jeroen Berwaerts proved once again that his instrument can do more than play fanfares. When one masters this instrument like Jeroen Berwaerts does, Haydn’s concerto is a pearl - a musical stroke of genius that strikes a perfect balance between soloistic virtuosity and harmonious cooperation. Kölner Zeitung, 25/8/2008

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orchestra repertoire

Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra

Harrison BIRTWISTLE Endless Parade for trumpet, strings and vibraphon (1986-87)
H.K. GRUBER Busking for trumpet, accordion, banjo and string orchestra
3 MOB pieces for trumpet and ensemble
Toshio HOSOKAWA Voyage VII for trumpet, strings and percussion (2005 dedicated to Jeroen Berwaerts)
Dmitri D. Shostakovich Concerto in c minor, op. 35 for piano, trumpet and strings
Peter EÖTVÖS Snatches of a Conversation

Trumpet and Large Orchestra

Peter EÖTVÖS Jet Stream Trumpet Concerto (2002)
H.K. GRUBER Aerial Concerto (1998-1999)
Iain HAMILTON Circus for 2 trumpets and orchestra
Hans Werner HENZE Neun geistliche Konzerte for piano, trumpet, and orchestra
Toshio HOSOKAWA Im Nebel Trumpet Concerto (2013, dedicated to Jeroen Berwaerts)
Johann Nepomuk HUMMEL Concerto in E major
György LIGETI Mysteries of the Macabre
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Trumpet and Piano

Jean-Baptiste ARBAN Fantaisie et Variations sur le Carneval de Venise in E-flat major
Luciano BERIO Sequenza X
Leonard BERNSTEIN Rondo for Lifey
Marcel BITSCH Quatre variations sur un Théme de Domenico Scarlatti
Oskar BÖHME Concerto in f minor, op.18
Jacques BREL Ne me quitte pas
Vassily BRANDT Concert Pieces Op.11 and Op.12
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projects with ensemble


Johann Sebastian BACH Brandenburg Concerto Nr. 3
Toshio HOSOKAWA New Work for recorder and strings
Toshio HOSOKAWA Voyage VII for trumpet, strings and percussion (2005)
Johann Sebastian BACH Brandenburg Concerto Nr. 2

Rameau/Brel +

Georg Philipp TELEMANN Concerto in D major for trumpet and strings
Georg Philipp TELEMANN Ouverture Les Nations in B-flat major
Jean-Philippe RAMEAU/Jacques BREL Dances from Platee and Chansons by Jacques Brel (Ne me quitte pas and La Quête)
Georg Friedrich HÄNDEL Suite in D major from Water Music for trumpet, strings and b.c.
Jean-Philippe RAMEAU/Jacques BREL Dances from Dardanus and Chansons by Jacques Brel (Marieke, Mathilde and Amsterdam)
Alternatives first part
HK GRUBER Busking for trumpet, banjo, accordion and strings
György LIGETI Mob Pieces andMysteries of the Macabre

Signals from heaven

T?ru TAKEMITSU Signals from Heaven - Day Signal
Giovanni GABRIELI Canzon primi toni (C170)
Duke ELLINGTON from Sacred Concerts: Come Sunday
(arr. Boris Netsvetaev)
Giovanni GABRIELI Canzon (C194)
Spiritual Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
(arr. Boris Netsvetaev)
T?ru TAKEMITSU Signals from Heaven - Night signal
Spiritual Swing Lord Sweet chariot
Giovanni GABRIELI Canzon noni toni (C173)
T?ru TAKEMITSU Garden Rain
Spiritual Nobody knows the Trouble I See
(arr. Boris Netsvetaev)
Giovanni GABRIELI Canzon septimi toni (C172)
George GERSHWIN Summertime (arr. Boris Netsvetaev)
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Media Centre

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CR audite

Signals from heaven

Jeroen Berwaerts, Salaputia Brass
audite, 2017,  97.725

Trumpet Tales

Trumpet Tales

Jeroen Berwaerts, Kenichi Nakagawa
Nihon Acoustic Records, 2016

Paul Hindemith

Paul Hindemith: Kammermusik - Sonatas for...

Jeroen Berwaerts, Isabelle Faust, Teunis van der Zwart, Alexander Rudin, Gerard Costes, Alexander Melnikov
Harmonia Mundi, 2015

Festliche Musik

Festliche Musik für Orgel und Trompeten

Jeroen Berwaerts, Constantin Ribbentrop, Johannes Unger, NDR Brass
Fibonacci, 2015


Shostakovich: Piano Concertos – including Concerto for piano, trumpet and string orchestra op. 35

Jeroen Berwaerts, Alexander Melnikov, Isabelle Faust, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Teodor Currentzis
Harmonia Mundi, 2012, LC 7045

Toshio Hosokawa

Toshio Hosokawa : Solo Concertos Vol. 2 – including Voyage VII (2005)

Jeroen Berwaerts, Olivier Dartevelle, Rohan de Saram, Orchestre Philharmonique Du Luxembourg, Robert HP Platz
NEOS, 2012, LC 15673

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