Hecker plays like an angel ... the beauty of her sound is enhanced by an exquisitely elegant line and sweeping lyricism. There is absolutely no artifice to mislead the audience; her performance comprises musicality and pure talent.
El País I June 2008

What I immediately liked about the cellist’s playing is her bright tone, often light as a feather, with a beautiful vibrato.
deutschlandfunk | 22.04.2018

...but especially with her subtle interpretation, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker expresses something very personal [...] unconditionally worth listening to.
deutschlandfunk | 16.04.2018  

With clarity, a nuanced touch and cellistic distinctiveness, it was impressive how Helmchen and Hecker realised the intricate rhythm, the blatant irony and the subtlety of both pieces...
sueddeutsche.de | 11.11.2016 | Harald Eggebrecht

She liked to play with her eyes closed, completely immersed in her music. Marie-Elisabeth Hecker is considered as one of the great cello talents of our time...
sueddeutsche.de | January 2014 | Harald Eggebrecht