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Bernard Foccroulle was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1953. He began his international career as an organist in the mid-70s, playing a wide range of repertoire from Renaissance to Contemporary Music. He has performed several dozen world premieres by Philippe Boesmans, Brian Ferneyhough, Betsy Jolas, Xavier Darasse, Jonathan Harvey and Pascal Dusapin, among others. He is also dedicated to the organ works of Bach and the Northern German School, regularly performing works by composers such as Scheidemann, Buxtehude, Tunder, Weckmann, Böhm, Reincken and Bruhns. In the 1980s, he was a member of the Ricercar Consort, an ensemble devoted mainly to German baroque music. Since then, Bernard Foccroulle has made his name as an organist as well as a composer and artistic director of major musical institutions. 

His discography as a soloist includes more than forty CDs. He has won awards including the Diapason d’Or for his recording of Dietrich Buxtehude’s complete organ works for the Ricercar label, as well as for the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, which he recorded on beautifully preserved historic instruments. In 2014 he released a recording of the complete works of Matthias Weckmann on Ricercar, as well as his own organ works on Aeon.

As a soloist, Bernard Foccroulle regularly appears worldwide at all great concert halls, including Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Sydney, Madrid, Torino, Oslo, Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg, Salzburg, Cologne, Essen, Dortmund and Hamburg. In 2016, he inaugurated the new organ of the Paris Philharmonie together with other prominent organists.

An important aspect of Bernard Foccroulle’s work is the combination of music with other art forms. In March 2014 an ambitious project in collaboration with the Australian video artist Lynette Wallworth was premiered at the Klarafestival in Brussels, entitled Darkness and Light. This international coproduction was shown in London, Aix-en-Provence, Luxembourg, Sydney, Hamburg, Stavanger and Kawasaki to critical acclaim. In 2017, Darkness and Light was also presented in New York.

In 2008, he gave the premiere performance of a project in collaboration with the Catalonian choreographer and dancer Salva Sanchis in Toulouse. He also regularly performs with the cornetto virtuoso Jean Tubéry, and works closely with the Palestinian oud performer and composer Moneim Adwan. Last season he presented a trio programme with his daughter, soprano Alice Foccroulle, and Moneim Adwan at the Cologne Philharmonie and the Heidelberg Spring Festival, performing Arabic and European music from the Baroque to the present. Solo engagements saw him perform at the Oslo International Church Music Festival, the Philharmonie de Paris and Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul.

As a composer, Bernard Foccroulle has dedicated himself to works for organ and chamber ensembles. In September 2017 his composition E vidi quattro stelle for soprano, baritone, wind quartet, harp and organ, based on Dante’s Purgatorio, was premiered at the Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels.
From 1992 until 2007 Bernard Foccroulle was director of the Brussels opera house La Monnaie. Since 2007 he has been Artistic Director of the Festival Aix-en-Provence.

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2018/19 season

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Foccroulle more than deserved the privilege of presenting such a homogeneous programme. (…) The melody of a Lutheran choir, which Foccroulle consistently highlighted, conceals itself in the preludes, (…) he performed as if he was playing the Silbermann organ in Freiberg Cathedral, one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s preferred organ makers. It was unbelievable how he played as if his hands and feet moved independently, he performed real miracles that one could follow on the screen underneath the organ.
EL PAIS, Luis Gago, 01/03/2015 –Concert at Auditorio Nacional, Madrid

Darkness and Light is an artistic meeting of opposites in every sense. Sound and vision, black and white, life and death, movement and stasis, flood and drought, hopes and fears…(…) give yourself to these two artists and your attention will be held for an unbroken 70 minutes – and it’s not that often one can say that.
LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE, Clive Paget, 10/01/2015 – about the performance of Darkness and Light in Sydney

Bernard Foccroulle, who is also the director of the Festival International de musique et d'Art Lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence, is a man with multiple lives since he is also one of the best organists in the world and one of the recognised specialists of Johann Sebastian Bach. (…) He performs works for organ masterfully, the instrument on which he excels. (…) This is without a doubt the most amazing performance at this Easter Festival, a real spectacle of the festival, a mystery which invites one to see, listen and… meditate.
DESTIMED, Michel Egea, 23/04/2014 – about the performance of Darkness and Light at the Festival de Pâques Aix-en-Provence

Dreams of darkness behind the mirror. – The video images were as majestic as the organ sounds. (...) Under, between and through the images you could feel a deep sense of wonder at the invisible laws that bind the cosmos. (...) The video images entered into an intuitive dialogue with Foccroulles organ sounds and this allowed for new listening experiences. In such collaborations, the visual part has often the upper hand, but this was clearly not the case here. (...) Also for those who shut their eyes it was a sublime experience. Foccroulle let the magnificent Grenzing organ resound with an unequalled richness of colours, which you could feel shimmering in your whole body. Whereas churches remain empty nowadays, for this concert the cathedral filled up completely. And rightly so, as these were sounds that left a profound impression (...).
DE STANDAARD, Annemarie Peeters, 19/03/2014 – about the World Premiere of Darkness and Light in Brussels

The organist is a mystery who reveals the secrets of his sometimes inaccessible universe.
LE SOIR, Serge Martin, 17/03/2014

Bernard Foccroulle, the excellent Belgian organist and renowned arts manager surprised his audience by suddenly placing Messiaen between Bach and Buxtehude. (…) In the Fantasy and Fuge g-minor BWV 542 he presented his deep understanding of polyphonic structure as well as his technical skills – both manual and pedal – in an overwhelming way. A unique concert in every respect.
DIARIO DE LAS PALMAS, November 2009 – Concert in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

An ecstasy of Baroque - the organ comes to life under the fingers of Bernard Foccroulle, who takes us with him on a fascinating voyage of initiation. On average, 650 listeners crowd into the nave of Brussels Cathedral for each concert in the cycle of Buxtehude's complete works. The sexton rings the bells. Silence spreads through the cathedral. And suddenly, soaring, comes the sound of the organ: wise, jolly, majestic and dizzying by turns.
LE SOIR, 8/5/2007 – about the recording ‘Dietrich Buxtehude. The Organ Works’

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darkness and light

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