An exceptional flautist and a comedic talent: with his remarkable show, Gabor Vosteen has given this instrument an entirely new image.
NNN, May 2, 2018, Maria Pistor

The absolute highlight: Mozart [...]  on five flutes simultaneously [...]  but he always intermingles this with virtuosic, smaller pieces  [...], which show that he has mastered the instrument perfectly.
NGZ Online, March 14, 2018, Hans Georg Marzinkowski

And you´re laughing so hard that you could easily ignore what a brilliant virtuoso he is on an instrument as commonplace as the recorder.
Saarbrücker Zeitung, March 11, 2016, Circus Roncalli

As the evening´s crowd-pleaser, Gabor Vosteen performs several performances as "Fluteman." He combines virtuoso flute-playing with mischievous comedy to create a wonderfully refreshing clown act.
Augsburger Allgemeine, October 2015