Technical Realisation

Space Requirements & Stage Set-Up

2 versions of screens will be available:
- a reduced screen for touring purposes or
- a reasonably sized screen suitable for most venues (12m x 5,5m or 10mx5m)
The size of screen can be reduced, which requires some programming and re-editing.

Position of orchestra:
- flexible: e.g. can go on stage or in the pit

Technical requirements

4 or 5 video projectors controlled by a pc, linked in RJ45
- retro back-screen: 15K wide angle HD (1 or 2)
- Tulles:2 x 12k HD + mounting
- Front:1x 10k HD
Camera on the conductor + 3 direct TV for singers
Software licence millumine

Light :
- a list of moving and fixed lights can be provided

1 headset skin-tone microphone for Not singer + amplification
1 stereo microphone for orchestra
4 communication headset for light, stage & video technician & stage manager

Minimal on-site team required:
1 sound technician for set-up and Noh singer’s amplification during show
3 light technician for set-up - 1 “stand-by” during the show
2 video technicians for set-up - 1 “stand-by” during the show
3 Technicians for stage setup - 1 during the show with head-set

Time scope:

For the first staged performance, the technical set-up requires 3 whole days in the venue and a rehearsal on the day of the performance. For any consecutive performances or touring-type performances, a whole day is needed for technical set-up plus rehearsal on the day of the performance.

Note: For festivals with multiple performances in the same venue:
Only the stage set (dune and back screen) can be mount and unmount everyday, all light and video equipment above stage and in technical room must stay in place and untouched.

This production travels with a team of four technicians from Belgium plus one production/tour manager:
Director, stage and video design: Thomas Israel
Video Operator: A. Goldschmith
Light Technician: Arie Van Egmond
Artistic Assistant: K. Nicolela

Note: In some countries, an interpreter (English/French) should be provided as required.