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X-MAS CONTEMPORARY - The Christmas Carol of the 21st Century

The X-MAS CONTEMPORARY project set the goal of combining the concept of Christmas as it is experienced today with the music of our time.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Dietrich Henschel asked this question of twelve different composers from different countries.

12 composers write 12 Christmas songs of the 21st century.

In collaboration with the ensemble of chief conductor Vladimir Jurowski, this project has been developed into a evening of music fit for the holidays. The premiere will take place on 7 December 2019 in the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Programming of the 12 Christmas Carols of the 21st century can be done according to the audience's wishes and can be supplemented by traditional Christmas carols.

This programme can also be combined with Dietrich Henschel's "X-mas Percussive" project with Simone Rubino.

"X-mas Contemporary" CD release: Farao Classics - 15 November 2019.

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The Composers

Karim Al Zand: Mistletoe for baritone, piano quartet, vibraphone
Detlev Glanert: Silence for baritone, string quartet, piano, percussion
Jamie Man: Birth for baritone & ensemble
Arno Waschk: Frohes Fest for baritone & ensemble
Jose-Maria Sanchez-Verdu: White silence for baritone & large ensemble
Matan Porat: dollhouse for baritone & ensemble
Manfred Trojahn: Christmas Greetings from a Fairy to a Child for baritone, horn & string quartet
Annette Schlünz: La Blancheur abolit le temps for baritone, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, accordion, piano, violin, viola, cello
Olga Rayeva: Sotto voce for voice & ensemble
Jobst Liebrecht: CHRISTMAS / Christmas for baritone & 8 instrumentalists
Michèle Reverdy: Soixante et quelques mains pour la Nativite for baritone & instrumental ensemble
Vanessa Lann: Tree of Life so green for baritone & large ensemble

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On the CD:
A smooth, beautiful, sincere advent calendar in 24 pieces for those who prefer to listen to Christmas instead of shopping.
RONDO magazine, Carsten Hinrichs, Dec. 2019

...the velvety and profound voice of Dietrich Henschel mesmerises and caresses the ear.
muzlifemagazine.ru, Vladimir Zhalnin, 6/12/2019

On the world premiere of X-Mas Contemporary at Konzerthaus Berlin on 7/12/2019:
There are several moments of this concert that go into the soul: Even if one can seldom lean back with a warm feeling, many of the songs artistically bring out those Christmas memories that we like to keep inside us.
Deutschlandfunk, Matthias Nöther, 09/12/2019

… relaxed mix of seriousness and irony, the lighting up of the music at the end has something of exalted Christmas joy.
Berliner Zeitung, Clemens Haustein, 9/12/2019

On the second concert performance at Tonhalle Düsseldorf on 17/12/2019:
Sometimes ironic, sometimes postmodern eclectic, sometimes completely based on sound or also discursive... Henschel proved an enormous interpretive range between classical singing, speaking, panting or even extending the vocal possibilities beyond the conceivable.
Westfällische Zeitung, Christian Oscar Gazsi Laki, 18/12/2019

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