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CR Felix Broede

New Musik
SCHLÜNZ, A. Journal n° 1 (2004/05)
For Sopranino, Soprano, Tenor, and Basset Recorder and Video
REESE, K. lieplich beslozzen (2005)
For Amplified Recorders (Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor), Stereo-Tape, and Acoustic Installation of Plastic Bottle
SPAHLINGER, M. nah-getrennt (1992)
For Alto Recorder Solo
Dorothea Rust: Gembre (Video, 2005)
RIEHM, R. Weeds in Ophelia´s Hair (1991)
For Amplified Alto Recorder
GAVIOLA, N. Sobre el Vidrio Esmerilado (2005)
For Basset Recorder and CD
Recital Program with Koto
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Early Music
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