Aviat, the BSO's Young Conductor in Association was a delight at the podium, charming, wonderfully self-effacing and incredibly expressive., Andy Martin, 02/01/2018

Aviat’s reading of the opening movement provided for a very strongly rhythmic march contrasted with beautifully lyrical strings, with especially fine work from the violas. The commedia dell ’arte atmosphere of the scherzo second movement (was Shostakovich lampooning authority?) was cleverly, sardonically communicated. The lovely Largo third movement again showed off the BSO strings, multi-divided, to perfection; there were also fine contributions from the BSO’s harp and flute. Shattering, explosive percussion and brass were to the fore in the tremendously exciting finale., Ian Lace, 06/12/2017

The orchestra and chorus, led with care by the young Victor Aviat, played and sang with enchanting brio and crispness.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Eleonore Büning, 27/12/2015

Under the direction of the young and energetic conductor Victor Aviat all of the singers shone.
Die Presse, Robert Quitta, 20/12/2015

The young conductor Victor Aviat was a conscientious, sensitive and spirited advocate of the composer.
Neue Musikzeitung, Dieter David Scholz, 15/12/2015