Douglas and Uryupin were both alive to the contrasts in the work in what was a vibrant partnership., Keith Bruce, 15/10/2018

From the familiar opening Waltz, rousing and full-blooded, the tone was set for a performance of vigour and verve, as conductor Valentin Uryupin flailed, puppet-on-a-string-like, wringing every last drop of emotion from the orchestra through the Nocturne’s tender string sections, the celebratory Mazurka, the beautiful, sweeping Romance and through to the frenetic but controlled mayhem of the finale – Galop., Jude Clark, 12/10/2018

Hearing the Russian State Symphony Orchestra perform Shostakovich’s iconic fifth symphony under the phenomenally-talented Valentin Uryupin, was an intensely-moving, tremendously-exciting, unforgettable experience. Uryupin graciously offered the audience a genteel encore of An English Melody -- just exactly what was needed to bring down the collective pulse of the exhilarated audience who had clapped and cheered and stamped their feet till Uryupin had to come back on stage no fewer than four times., Halina Boniszewska, 7/10/2018

[…] the programme had a Russian theme, with Prokofiev’s Suite from the film music for Lieutenant Kijé and the Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. Both pieces had an unquestionably authentic and masterful interpreter in the young Russian conductor Valentin Uryupin.
Rheinpfalz Pfälzer Tageblatt, Karl Georg Berg, 04/12/2017