With the latest album, "Bird's Eye View"– their sixteenth! – Turtle Island Quartet once again lays down captivating, even breathtaking music. [...] With lightning-fast surprising twists, fantastically subtle strings and incredible rhythmic precision, they fly through the musical landscapes, taking off into spectacular loops. Powerful, passionate and most of all, playful!
BR KLASSIK, CD-tip, 30.05.18, © Ursula Adamski-Störmer

These four impeccable musicians share Bird’s penchant for expanding parameters and the results of their alchemy are just as golden. (…) The in-house arrangements alone boast of interdisciplinary genius at play, allowing for plenty of improvisation to show the quartet’s combinatory properties.
NYC JAZZ RECORD, 24.02.18, © Tiran Grillo

Balakrishnan is as inventive as ever, the music changing both mood and rhythm, then just as suddenly ending in the midst of a phrase. (…) in my view, one of the very finest Turtle Island Quartet records. (…) If you’re a Turtle Island fan, you need to add this one to your collection!
THE ART MUSIC LOUNGE, 15.01.18, © Lynn René Bayley

Now they are getting big again. That’s great news. (…)Highly addictive music, and the living is easy. They need to come again.”
MAINPOST, 09.07.17