Music eats literature and literature dines on music, and Mivos Quartet's Garden of Diverging Paths is an album of beautiful cannibalsim. As a theme, the intersection of words and sounds is a path crowded with footprints, but what elevates this effort is genuinely exceptional programming and the full ...digestion... of the scores on the part of the quartet.
WQXR RADIO NEW YORK CITY, 13/06/2016, Doyle Ambrust on the new CD "Garden of Diverging Paths"

Hearing the Mivos quartet play the Lachenmann 3rd string quartet was one of the great musical experiences of my life… I felt like an elemental spirit coming to life – autonomous, volatile, and powerful… I can only recommend you listen to it, closely.
WWW.LOGANSTROSAHL.COM, 18/05/2016, Logan Strosahl – on Lachenmann's String Quartet No. 3, "Grido"

The remarkable New York string ensemble Mivos Quartet, a fearless, precise, and forward-looking new-music group dedicated to some of the toughest material being written today.
THE CHICAGO READER, 10/04/2015, Peter Margasak – on concert of the same day

Never has a concert consisting almost exclusively of extended techniques felt so much like a meal of comfort food... [Mivos] is so adroit at this literature, it's as if you were hearing these instruments played in the manner for which they have always been intended.
CLEVELAND CLASSICAL, 23/03/2015, Mike Telin

Mivos Quartet has a highly distinctive musical personality... performances of edge-of your seat intensity which still display a remarkable sense of subtle give and take within the ensemble. With performances this assured, incisive, and entertaining, the Mivos Quartet is an ensemble to be held in the highest regard.
THE STRAD MAGAZINE, 07/08/2014, David Kettle – on Minceks string quartet n3

This vital young New York string quartet embraces toothy modernism with punk-rock verve.
THE NEW YORK TIMES, 04/12/2013, Steve Smith – on the publication of Reappearances (Carrier)