The sheer unending length of the soloist’s glissandi was impressive, over which the orchestra blossomed in many colours.
Basler Zeitung, Simon Bordier, 20/04/2018 (On the Swiss premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas' Trombone Concerto)

When the trombone skips and dances from the highest register down into the depths and back up again at an astonishing tempo; when it chatters and sings, whispers and screams defiantly; in short, when the trombone is played with such nuance, it speaks as if human. Then Mike Svoboda plays it, a brilliant musician.
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Verena Großkreutz, 02/01/2017 (On the German premiere of Kurt Schwertsik's Mixed Feelings (Gemischte Gefühle)) 

 (…) Mike Svoboda is not only a composer, but a God amongst trombone players who seems to have flawless technique., Stephan Hoffmann, 17/10/2016

The American trombonist Mike Svoboda, a Swiss resident, explored the sound possibilities of his instrument with virtuosity and unbelievable technical mastery – and, made it look easy.
Der Westen, Elisabeth Höving, 31/05/2016

As the trombone began to sing… And the trombone certainly did sing due to the tremendous artistry of the soloist Mike Svoboda (playing from memory!), whose heavenly smooth tone combined with an unsurpassed dynamic and timbral flexibility was amazing. (…)
Schwetzinger Zeitung (On the world premiere of Wolfgang Rihm’s Canzona per sonare)

A lively masquerade between Wagner, new music, jazz, rock, and pop with brief texts „for, against, and by Wagner" that emerges from the brilliantly crafted and enthusiastically experimental “14 Attempts to love Richard Wagner” by the American trombonist and composer Mike Svoboda. The collage, which presents itself as “Adult Entertainment” imparted congenially by Svoboda's quartet without any stylistic blinders.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

After this concert everybody who considers contemporary music to be sterile and inaccessible is refuted. Mike Svoboda has the rare gift to present complicated music with exactly the right twist of irony making it what Mozart's piano concertos once were: excellent entertainment, wholesome for belly and intellect that lets the audience laugh as well as think. There ought to be more serious concerts with that much humour!
Stuttgarter Zeitung

…a musical clown and high-performance instrumentalist…
Süddeutsche Zeitung

The all-rounder Mike Svoboda, trombone virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist...