Marie Heeschen interprets the Feldman composition in a hummed version. ... The acoustics of the nave give her a reverberation and a richness of tone, which a solo voice can produce only here. What makes the magic? ... The pauses in which the eyes of the flutist Sally Beck and the soprano create music with their glances? Two minutes of silence in which no one claps their hands with hasty applause? ... Breathing pauses. And then the cello [Ella Rohwer] hums into the idyllic chirping of birds. The flute gives off energy equally well with individual notes. The analogy to an abrupt standstill is easily established. Half an hour of music like what was heard today allows everyone to slowly release themselves from their state of shock.
Liveinderoper,... – to the first concert with BRuCH after the Corona induced lockdown in May 2020

Soprano Marie Heeschen is perfectly cast as chambermaid Adele. She captivates with her witty interpretation, easily winning the audience’s hearts with her singing.
General-Anzeiger Bonn, Bernhard Hartmann, 10 March 2020

Heeschen brings a wonderful luminosity to her phrasing.
General-Anzeiger Bonn, Bernhard Hartmann, 16 September 2019

With her youthful charisma and beautifully delivered lyric soprano, Marie Heeschen gives this role – the musical embodiment of the tragic opera heroine – the necessary creative depth.
Das Opernmagazin, Ursula Hartlapp-Lindemeyer, 17 September 2019

As Marx’s daughter Tussy, soprano Marie Heeschen brought spot-on intonation to dozens of very high notes and masterfully navigated arpeggios that skipped all arund, while still radiating impish rebelliousness., 22 January 2019 – on the role „Tussy“ in J. Dove’s opera „Marx in London“ at Theater Bonn

This is an ensemble of great promise.
Early Music Review, 17 January 2019 - on „felice un tempo"

Marie Heeschen’s tussy twittered in the stratosphere with coloratura showpieces.
Sunday times, 31 December 2018 – on the role „Tussy“ in J. Dove’s opera „Marx in London“ at Theater Bonn

Dove lavishes some of his most ambitious vocal writing on the Marxes’ daughter ans is rewarded with an unflaggingly vibrant performance by the engaging Marie Heeschen.
The Guardian, 11 December 2018 – on the role „Tussy“ in J. Dove’s opera „Marx in London“ at Theater Bonn

Brilliantly singing coloratura and very high notes, Marie Heeschen has a fling as rather eccentric daughter Tussy who edges into the acting business.
FAZ, Josef Oehrlein, 17 December 2018 – on the role „Tussy“ in J. Dove’s opera „Marx in London“ at Theater Bonn

Marie Heeschen’s voice is extremely sensous (… ) The three cantatas are unusually beautiful one should not miss out listening to.
Scherzo, September 2017 – on the CD „felice und tempo“ with Ensemble Paper Kite, Coviello 7250711