With a clear, soft and nuanced soprano, Julia Rutigliano is persuasive as a playful Octavian. She is convincing even vocally as the seventeen-year-old romanticist, very nicely portrayed here as a post-pubescent revolutionary.
Opernnetz, Andreas M. Bräu, 15/04/2015

Just as Charlotte cannot escape her world, Julia Rutigliano leaves the stage only when it's truly over –a concept whose success hangs on the singer’s abilities. In Weimar, it holds up, as Rutigliano is so vocally and dramatically convincing, so precise, that those around her pale in comparison to all the singer’s brilliance.
Ostthüringer Zeitung, Angelika Bohn, 20/11/2014

With Charlotte's supplication, "Erhöre mein Gebet", Julia Rutigliano showed herself to be the emotional beacon of the evening.
Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung, Ursula Mielke, 20/11/2014

In the en travesti role of Octavian, Julia Rutigliano stunned not only with her marvelous acting, in which her turn as the coquettishly naive, seemingly awkward Mariandl was especially strong; she also won audiences over with her brightly colored, dramatically weighted, assured, powerful mezzo-soprano in a nuanced approach, and, as a handmaid with the nimble vocal caricatures of a crow, charmed to the point of laughter.
Opernnetz, Renate Freyeisen, 8/11/2014

The most compelling performances of the evening were offered by the three Rhine daughters Mirella Hagen, Julia Rutigliano and Okka van der Damerau, with rich contrasts to their acting and wonderful harmony in their singing.
NMZ, Peter P. Pachl, 02/08/2014

Her timbre matches well with the darker shades of Julia Rutligliano’s singing (as Bragäne), the two blending their respective vocal parts with ease.
L’Ape musicale, Valentina Anzani, 16/03/2014

Julia Rutigliano brings great care to her interpretation of the maid Bragäne -- her clear, bright voice contrasting with Isolde’s voice in a beautiful pairing.
operaworld, Mirko Bertolini, 12/03/2014

Vocally speaking, Julia Rutigliano’s maid is tremendously captivating to the ears.
La Nazione, Michele Manzotti, 05/03/2014

Julia Rutigliano, in the role of Bragäne, also stood out.
firenzepost.it, Roberta Manetti, 05/03/2014

In the role of Isolde’s maid, Julia Rutigliano’s voice reflects perfectly the style imposed by the conductor (Mehta). […] If Mehta were to sing instead of conduct, he would do so in Julia Rutigliano’s voice.
La Repubblica, Gregorio Moppi, 01/03/2014

Julia Rutigliano’s interpretation of Charlotte is so sophisticated, masterful and well versed in the prosody that she could perform the role on every major stage.
Thüringische Landeszeitung, Wolfgang Hirsch, 20/01/14

Musically, the (third) evening was fantastic. Fresh voices and a Staatskapelle performing under Martin Hoff sweep along audience members who may not follow the direction in every scene. Artem Korotkov sings the title role with a mellifluous, agile voice. Julia Rutigliano gives Charlotte a rich depth, the perfect contrast to Elisabeth Wimmer's clear soprano tones as Sophie.

Julia Rutigliano is an outstanding Venus, with rich, dramatic vocals and incredible acting skills.