The Stuttgart native Johannes Klumpp commended himself both as a conductor of Mozart and Kraus as well as through the transparence and flexibility of the orchestral sound, which could be at times heavy and powerful, at others lucid and fragile.
RHEIN-NECKAR-ZEITUNG, Matthias Roth, 12.03.2018

Johannes Klumpp ‘explores musical extremes’. He manages to make the magic of music achievable for all, for example with a recent ‘thrilling performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony’ (Volkstimme).
AMPHITRYON-MEDIA.DE, Jantje Röller, 08/01/2018

Klumpp balanced the lightly-fluid “Szene am Bach” and the resolving “Zusammensein der Landleute” completely perfectly, beautifully integrated into a symphonic whole. The thunder-storm music that opened Lutoslawski’s “Little Suite” was less onomatopoeic or pithy, sprinkled as it was with piccolo flute.
WIESBADENER-KURIER.DE, Axel Zibulski, 15/12/2017

Klumpp confidently and flexibly shaped this thrilling and at times wild music from the early 1920s, placing precise accents and taking care to create  enchanting tone colour with the well-prepared musicians of the GSO.

Guest conductor Johannes Klumpp, chief conductor of the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra, motivated the musicians with highly energetic conducting with almost dance-like movement. The orchestra played transparently, giving the pianist a sensitive musical basis upon which he could play virtuosically and radiantly.