Comedian and recorder player Gabor Vosteen has created a show that unites music, poetry and comedy. His trademark is his unsurpassed ability to play five recorders at the same time; he was subsequently named The Fluteman. Having toured for several years with different shows (including two years as the main act of Circus Roncalli), Gabor decided to bring his unique world of flutes to the stage.

In THE FLUTEMAN SHOW Gabor presents his vision to save the world with humanity’s most important instrument and shows unbelievable facets of the recorder that have never been seen or heard before. Using a selection of plastic recorders, a rock-style electric recorder, the only leopard bass recorder in the world and bold new ideas about the recorder, the musician goes on a mission, connecting Bach, Paganini, pop music and his own music with unbelievable comedy to create the original universe of the flute-master Gabor Vosteen.

Duration: ca. 70 minutes
Direction: Ines Hu
Comedy consultant: Florian Butsch
Music production: Simon Steger
Props: Anke Gänz