With her overtone-rich music, full of microtones and a sense for the hidden, Chaya Czernowin creates a unique world – her own world, her own musical language, characterised by rhythms which branch out, and in which the composer explores stillness and its nuances of colour and sound. This is a music which creates inner peace.
BR Klassik, Kristin Amme, 18/12/2017 on the CD Hidden

Czernowin’s score includes eruptions of orchestral, vocal, and electronic pandemonium that evoke with unnerving immediacy the chaos of battle and its aftermath. She has achieved, however, something more than a sombre memorial to death and destruction.
The New Yorker, Alex Ross, 15/05/2017 on the world premiere of Infinite Now at Opera Vlaanderen, Ghent

Czernowin’s opera dwells. It inhabits its big box of time-space, all the way to its edges. It penetrates. It overwhelms. (...) Such is Czernowin’s authority as a composer. I cannot think of anyone else who could have written this opera: she is an artist at the height of her powers.
The Rambler, Tim Rutherford-Johnson, 20/04/2017 on Infinite Now