Bas Wiegers conducted the whole evening in a calm and relaxed manner, his entries and accents were composed and controlled, and his likeable charisma inspired both musicians and audience.
Michael Klier,, 10.11.2018

Under the fiery direction of Bas Wiegers, what the KSO achieved with this unrestrained flow of devilish sound – with its undulating, tonal fluctuations from the dark of night to a pungent glare – brought the composer to his knees by the end.
Irina Lino, Kronen Zeitung, 30/03/2019

The achievements of the ensemble, musicians and conductor Bas Wiegers cannot be overestimated.
Martin Gasser, Kleine Zeitung, 30/03/2019

What’s truly amazing is the music. After the premiere, Haas could only kneel down to thank Bas Wiegers, in leading the orchestra, for such a remarkable performance. Given that there was no light to lead him through the trenches, the conductor had to rely on his own mental powers of transmission.
Michael Cerha, The Standard, 30/03/2019

Conductor Bas Wiegers makes the orchestra sound powerful yet transparent. He knows how to deal with the dramatic lines and rhythmic flow, and he does justice to the clarity and humor in Poulenc´s music.
Mark Duijnstee,

Lead by two independently waving conductors, Peter Eötvös and Bas Wiegers, the Concertgebouw Orchestra gave a shimmering performance.
Frits van der Waa, Volkskrant

Andriessen´s music was played by the Dutch Asko|Schönberg ensemble and conductor Bas Wiegers with incredible precision and virtuosity.
Kölner Stadtanzeiger