Andrew Dickinson gave a very youthful and bright Da-Ud with a beautiful clear Timbre.
The Opera Musicologist Berlin, Daniel Url, March 2016

As Lakmé’s loyal servant, Hadji, Andrew Dickinson sympathetically sheltered the wounded Gérald in the forest, and sang his Act 3 aria with a true, lyrical line.
Opera Today, C. Seymour, July 2015

Andrew Dickinson brought a compelling visceral energy to both his singing and acting, and his transition from wide-eyed innocent to delusional inmate was harrowingly convincing.
Opera Magazine, Yehuda Shapiro, March 2015

Tom Rakewell is a big sing, but Dickinson proves he has the range and stamina, and subtly alters his character as he goes from country bumpkin to seasoned Londoner.
British Theatre Guide, L. Lewis, March 2015

An effortlessly assured cast is headed by Andrew Dickinson's wide-eyed, Candide-like Tom Rakewell. The young tenor, a master of stuttering movements and Edward Norton-esque bafflement, has light but well-supported vocal resources that are capable of surprising bursts of power.
What's On Stage, M. Valencia, March 2015

Andrew Dickinson is a young tenor with a strong stage personality and bold ambition.
The Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen, November 2013