Alertness, Trust, Humility

In December 2018, Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich, the music publicist and long-time culture editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau, died at the age of 80. To mark his death, we republished his portrait of Jonathan Stockhammer.

When Jonathan Stockhammer meets me at a rather noisy café in the centre of Frankfurt, the grey winter’s day becomes noticeably lighter. He had an early start, flying in from Berlin this morning. He does a lot of travelling. But he does not give the impression of being over-busy or rushed. He has taken plenty of time for our meeting. Two and a half hours go by in a flash and at the end it is not he who has to leave for another meeting, but me. Jonathan is able to convey something of an inner peace, a profound serenity with great animation and tireless eloquence. Someone whose only aim is to pursue the next methodical step of his career strategy would certainly not look like this.


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