Live at last: Titus Engel conducts Bartók's one-act opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle in Lyon until April 2 in Andriy Zholdak's double production, which already caused a sensation as a streamed version in the Corona Year 2021.

"A breathtaking, successful experiment, which one follows with breathless suspense", was the nmz's verdict on the production, in which the complete work is played twice in order to view it from - scenically and musically - completely different angles. Concerti magazine commented on Titus Engel's conducting: "The Swiss conductor, recently named Conductor of the Year, demonstrates how extremely different even a score with such detailed performance instructions can sound. (...) Absolutely legitimate readings of the grandiose music in both approaches."

Ukrainian director Andriy Zholdak's production, which in 2021 could only be shown as a video stream due to the Corona pandemic, can now finally be taken in by a live audience in Lyon. From March 18 to April 2, the piece will run for six performances at the Opéra de Lyon under the direction of Titus Engel.