We are delighted to be working for Simon Steen-Andersen from now on - and to congratulate him on a successful world premiere: On 16 September, his opera Don Giovanni's Inferno was launched at the Opéra national du Rhin as part of the Festival Musica Strasbourg.

That it is too short-sighted to call Simon Steen-Andersen "only" a composer is particularly clear from his new work: for Don Giovanni's Inferno/Don Giovanni aux enfers, the Danish artist took on the concept, direction, staging, video - and the re-composition of the most diverse passages and snippets of opera literature. His work begins where Mozart's opera ends: with the hellish journey of Don Giovanni, who embarks on a voyage simultaneously into the farthest corners of the labyrinthine opera house and into the depths of music history. Or is this trip just the coma dream of the opera singer who bangs his head against the trap door?