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    All Beauty Must Die

    Ensemble Resonanz, actor Charly Hübner and a top-class jazz trio let Nick Cave meet Franz Schubert: Mercy Seat will show on 26 and 27 September in Düsseldorf and at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

    Ensemble Resonanz, actor Charly Hübner and a top-class jazz trio hold a "séance between Nick Cave and Franz Schubert" when they reinterpret Winterreise with the help of songs by the Australian rock poet. "How does that go together? Fantastic!" was the verdict of Deutschlandfunk Kultur on the dive into human abysses entitled The Mercy Seat, which has also been released on CD.

    The audience at the Elbphilharmonie reacted with a standing ovation at the premiere in November 2018, and most recently Mercy Seat was performed in Wolfsburg, Potsdam and Hamburg, among other places, in February and March. Now, at theDüsseldorf Festival (26.9.) and at the Konzerthaus Berlin (27.9.), there is another opportunity to immerse oneself in the dark poetry of Cave and the Winterreise.

    Not only actor Charly Hübner, with his untrained voice in classical singing, finds his very own approach to Schubert's music - the Ensemble Resonanz also searches for new ways to let the music of Schubert and Cave flow into each other. Composer Tobias Schwencke provided arrangements for this, involving a jazz trio with Kalle Kalima on guitar, Carlos Bica on double bass and Max Andrzejewski on drums.

    The starting point is Cave's eponymous piece, which processes the stream of thought of a man shortly before his execution in the electric chair. In an interview with VAN magazine, Charly Hübner describes the basic question of the song: "Am I ready to die because I'm evil - or do I die innocent because I think I'm good?" The song dissolves this distinction at the end and opens up the possibility for a thought experiment. "What if this young man in Schubert's Winterreise, leaving his village, where he discovers the signpost, decides on an act, namely the one that gives him satisfaction?"